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Senior Picture Ideas for Guys | senior picture poses

Senior Picture Ideas for Guys

senior picture ideas for guys outside

The greatest challenge for guys when having their senior pictures taken is adding interest to the photos. Coming up with senior picture ideas for guys that their comfortable with and do not come across as “girly” can limit options. The trick is to think creatively all the while keeping an open mind. Having the photos taken in a studio creates the biggest obstacles in coming up with senior picture ideas for guys. Too often guys are placed in front of a standard backdrop with either their hands on their hips or in their pockets. While these senior pictures are fine, more often than not the guy looks stiff and uncomfortable. To change things up have the guy squat down and rest his arms on his knees. Or if the guy is an artist, use his artwork to create the backdrop. Another great senior picture idea for guys is to let the guy goof around and strike poses. Not only will he be more relaxed and his personality will be shining, the pictures will have interest and being unique.

cool senior picture ideas for guys

Bringing in props offers an opportunity to add interest and personalize the senior pictures. Props such as blocks and ladders create a variation to the more traditional poses in front of a backdrop. To personalize these further incorporate items such as:


  •  their letter jacket                                         sports paraphernalia of their favorite team
  • sports equipment (if an athlete)             musical instrument (if a musician)


Needless to say sports equipment and musical instruments offer up a lot of fun. Whether they’re used as standing props or the guy is playing them, these photos are sure to please.



Using an outdoor location can add casualness to any senior picture. The thing to keep in mind is the select a “non-girly” location, think trees and fences not flowers and lattice. Having the guy lean against a tree can be a little traditional it offers options. The guy can lean one shoulder against the tree with feet crossed at the ankle and a hand in his pocket or arms across is chest, he can lean is back against the tree with both hands in his pockets or he can squat down next to the tree and rest his arms on his knees.


Other outdoor location senior picture ideas for guys include:


  • sports fields                                               bleachers
  •  fence posts                                                building exteriors and steps
  •  statues


Really, any location that adds visual interest to the picture or personal interest for the guy.



Incorporating a guy’s best buddy or a group of his friends offers up even more great senior picture ideas for guys. This can also mean bringing in man’s best friend in for a fun, loving senior picture. The key to these photos is to not let any one person over shine the rest of the group, unless he is the main focus of the group and the others friends are like props. These senior pictures can be posed like traditional group portraits or a little more relaxed. They can incorporate a theme that all the friends share such as a sport they all play or they can reflect each individual’s personality. For example: if one guy is a musician, one marches to the beat of his own drummer and one is a jeans and tee-shirt behind the scenes guy let the picture capture those differences. No matter what idea is chosen, relaxing and having fun makes the best senior pictures.

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